sensory Playhouse Scarborough

We are sensory Playhouse. Situated on Falsgrvae road in Scarborough. North Yorkshire.

We are not a soft play area, no ball pits, no foam rubber plastic covered slides, no plastic toys, no racing around, the focus is on play………….

Giving parents/carers/grandparents the chance to play and engage with their child.

A baby is born with 100 billion neurons in the brain.

This is all they will ever have.

Only through play, stimulation and adult interaction do these connect, igniting a fire.

At birth, the human brain is in a remarkably unfinished state.

Most of its 100 billion neurons are not yet connected in networks.

Forming and reinforcing these connections are the key tasks of early brain development.

Connections among neurons are formed as the growing child experiences the surrounding world and forms attachments to parents, family members and other caregivers.

In the first decade of life, a child’s brain forms trillions of connections or synapses.

Axons connect to dendrites, and chemicals called neurotransmitters help send messages (called “impulses”) across the resulting synapses.

Each individual neuron may be connected to as many as 15,000 other neurons, forming a network of neural pathways that is immensely complex.

This elaborate network is sometimes referred to as the brain’s “wiring” or “circuitry.”

As the neurons mature, more and more synapses are made.

At birth, the number of synapses per neuron is 2,500, but by age two or three, it’s about 15,000 synapses per neuron.

This is like going from 100 to 600 friends on Facebook, and each of those friends in turn, is connected to 600 more people! The neural network expands exponentially.

If they are not used repeatedly, or often enough, they are eliminated.

In this way, experience plays a crucial role in “wiring” a young child’s brain.

Brain development does not stop after early childhood, but it is the foundation upon which the brain continues developing.

Early childhood is the time to build either a strong and supportive, or fragile and unreliable foundation.

These early years are very important in the development that continues in childhood, adolescence, and adulthood.


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We want to help child development, improve the foundations that a person’s life is built upon.

We would really like sensory to be a place for new parents to feel at ease and meet other new parents. We all know how hard it can be to go into somewhere new when its out of your comfort zone. We have lovely members off staff who will take the time to talk to you.

A few of our reviews...........(all can be found on our facebook page)

"we've had 4 children aged from 9 weeks to almost 4 years old and all of them had a really lovely time here! so much to do and play and in such a relaxed homely atmosphere!"

"I came here for the firdt(sic)time this week with my 8 month old granddaughter. What an amazing facility to have in Scarborough. So much thought and effort has been put into making a stimulating, varied and fun environment for Children of all ages. The sensory room in particular was a hit and provides sensory stimulus that you wouldn't necessarily have at home, the fibre optic lights, the bubble tubes and the amazing floor mat with colours and scenes to keep little ones enthralled. The changing area was clean and well equipped. The staff were extremely friendly and very helpful. There is an area with a sofa for feeding little ones or having a chat and making friends. This is such a great facility for anyone with babies or young children as there is something for everyone. please support this venture as it would be such a shame for the children of Scarborough to lose such a good resource. We came for our first visit and we will definitely be coming again."

"Excellently resourced and welcoming playrooms in walking distance to the station, with a fabulous sensory room. my 8mth old loves it and we use it regularly"

"Took our birthday boy (1) and 3 year old today for the first time and we will definitely be back, great imaginative play space, the sensory room is brilliant and my baby loved it. Good entry price as well as well priced drinks and snacks. Can’t wait to return"

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